Shot blasting is a mechanical process, which is used to remove rust, foundry sand, scales, etc. from work pieces in different industries, like automotive, foundry, construction, metalworking, rail and many others. Size, shape and quantity of work pieces define the type of shot blasting machine. Main part of each shot blasting machines is blasting wheel. On the market we can find many producers of shot blasting machines, wheels and other shot blasting equipment, but only ir sm@rt blasting wheel is equipped with sensors to ease the control of shot blasting process. With full cloud data collecting system the ir sm@rt wheel is in this moment the most developed wheel which corresponds to industry 4.0. ir sm@rt wheel is compatible with all types of shot blasting or shot peening machines no matter of the producer or its production year. It can be installed on any shot blasting machine, no matter who is the producer and what is the year of production.

shot blasting wheel


There are different types of machines for shot blasting, vibratory finishing, air blasting and automated blasting solutions.

Shot blasting machines

For cleaning and strengthening (shot peening) of different materials we use shot blasting machines. Shot blasting is present in almost every industry, which uses metal, including shipbuilding, construction, foundry, automotive and many others. We use two types of technology: air blasting (sandblasting) and wheel blasting (shot blasting). See more >>

Vibratory finishing

Mechanical process for smoothing, polishing, deburring and radiusing of mass produced parts is known as vibratory finishing or mass finishing. When parts move in circular motion with media and with machines vibration causes mass finishing of the parts.       
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Air blasting machines

For sandblasting of parts of different shapes and sizes we use blasting rooms. Mineral or metal abrasive can be used in the process.       
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Automated blasting solutions

In order to improve economy and efficiency we offer Robotisation and Automatisation.
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For better results and to reduce costs we developed ir sm@rt blasting wheel. Our customers confirm that using ir sm@rt wheel has very short ROI (return on investment). Ir sm@rt shot blasting wheel is flexible and suitable for all kind of shot blasting machines.

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